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Barbara was a very creative child but during most of her adult life she had little time to practise her skills while she pursued her clinical career as a nurse in the NHS and as a therapeutic counsellor. Since retiring she has further developed her interest in photography and resumed her love of painting, discovering how attractive art can provide an added, beneficial element to life, to the workplace and to the home.


She works in watercolour, acrylic, pastels, charcoal and mixed media as well as photography. She enjoys pictures of many different genres depending on what she finds inspiring at the time, what pleases her visually but also what she thinks might appeal to others.


imited edition prints of her original artwork in various sizes and cards are available to order. Some original pieces are also available to purchase.






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John has had many years experience working within NHS organisations of various types.  He has worked in operational management and strategic planning and has had particular experience in organisational development. He has worked in large hospital environments and in Health Authorities, in community health and in primary care. He has also managed projects in teh education sector and has experience of professional regulatory structures.


He is interested in issues of justice, world trade and politics and has brought a concise insight and freshness of thought to management dilemmas whilst maintaining staff during programmes of major change.


His approach is clear thinking and objective, the result of experience, reflection and successes


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