omdis is a way of seeing and thinking

What is Omdis ?

It’s the name of our company, which is in fact two companies in one – we started as a management services company, specialising in organisational development and the management of change but now we are primarily an artwork sales business offering limited edition prints, some original artwork and cards with individuals and offices in mind.

So what links these two elements into one?

Well, first of all it’s in the name. Omdis is in fact an acronym and it means







The application of this approach is certainly relevant in the creative arts. A fresh approach, empowered by imagination, a fresh appearance giving a new atmosphere to a room – retail, gym or business rooms, even kitchens and rest rooms. Creative art can have a real and beneficial effect on the workplace itself. Choosing the right artwork to display in offices and other settings can set the tone, improve the mood and define the culture of the organisation. Periodically refreshing the display by introducing new works can demonstrate an attitude which fosters innovation, development and change.

And our artwork can also of course simply be enjoyed by individuals for their own pleasure and for sharing with others.


The principles of omdis have also been fundamental to how we look at organisational change and management re-design, ensuring that plans are based on what is required, not on the way things have been done in the past. This may mean ‘a refresh’ of what we have done before, or a more fundamental change. In either case the skill to gain acceptance of the proposed way forward from those involved and chart the move from ‘here’ to ‘there’ while maintaining the motivation of staff who could otherwise feel threatened by change.


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