What is omdis?

It is a business which offers a range of management and organisational development services to private and public enterprises. 

Our expertise is particularly in organisational change management, policy development and preparing businesses to respond to new requirements.


The essence of our approach is to set out clarity of direction, to offer robust project planning, to develop cohesiveness within the organisation, thus ensuring that staff understand the part they will play in the future.

Another element of our business is to coach managers within organisations or individually in handling change and to analyse workforce skills and weaknesses.


The work of the organisation can be understood by seeing omdis as an acronym :

  • Open
  • Minds
  • Deliver
  • Intelligent
  • Solutions

Who We Are

John Haines has had many years experience working within NHS organisations of various types.  He has worked in operational management and strategic planning and has had particular experience in organisational development. He has worked in large hospital environments and in Health Authorities, in community health and in primary care.


He is interested in issues of justice, world trade and politics and has brought a concise insight and freshness of thought to management dilemmas whilst maintaining staff during programmes of major change.


His approach is clear thinking and objective, the result of experience, reflection and successes

omdis is a partnership - John is the lead partner and is supported by other associates.

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